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Background and appointments

Professor Richard Fielding is a Clinical and Health Psychologist with a particular interest in individual, group and population behaviour of public-health significant. His research activities span individual to population-level topics. His primary areas of interest are

  • Decomposing psychological processes that influence poor coping with chronic health conditions, with cancer and chronic pain as exemplars;
  • Quantifying psychological dimensions of population responses and influences in epidemic respiratory infectious diseases;
  • Using evidence-based approaches to inform health services organization for optimizing preventive management in patients with chronic illnesses, and;
  • Ecological wellbeing - political-economic-environmental dynamics underpinning mechanisms of human health. 

His research administrative roles include:

  • Convenor, Public Health Strategic Research Theme, The University of Hong Kong.
  • Director, Centre for Psycho-Oncology Research & Training (CePORT), School of Public Health, HKU.
  • Director, Health Behaviour Research Group, School of Public Health at HKU.

He was recipient of the British Medical Association Medical Book of the Year award and the Basis of Medicine Prize, 1996, elected University Teaching Fellow, HKU,1996, Member by Distinction and later Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians of London, 1996, 2006; Fellow (1988), and Associate Fellow (1986) of the Hong Kong and British Psychological Societies respectively; Board Member, Membership Chair and Awards Committee Chair, International Psycho-Oncology Society (2011-2014); Founder member, Asia-Pacific Psych-Oncology Network.


He has over 280 articles, books, chapters and abstracts on subjects including: cardiac disease, chronic pain, environmental degradation, epidemiology, health communications, health services research, medical education, psycho-oncology, risk and communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, SARS and Influenza) smoking cessation.

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Selected Publications (Pub Med Search)


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