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Li ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
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bullet 06-Nov-2014
PHRC seminar: “Helping parents quit smoking and reduce their children’s exposure” new
bullet 21-Oct-2014
AoE CIR Seminar: "Airborne Transmission of Influenza A Viruses" new
bullet 12-Sep-2014
AoE CIR Seminars: “Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in dromedary camels in the Middle East and North Africa” & “Tropism and replication of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus from dromedary camels in the human respiratory tract: An in-vitro and ex vivo study”
bullet 03-Sep-2014
HKU and international research teams provided direct experimental evidence for the role of genetic diversity in influenza virulence in vivo
bullet 01-Sep-2014
Orientation Week for Master of Public Health Students
bullet 29-Aug-2014
HKU and international research teams find that Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) from dromedary camels in different regions can infect humans
bullet 20-Aug-2014
AoE CIR Seminar: The need for improved influenza vaccines: Evidence from household studies
bullet 18-Aug-2014
Brainstorming Workshop for the RGC GRF/ECS 2015-16 organized by Centre of Influenza Research
Teaching and Learning

Registration opens for HKU's First Free MOOC "Epidemics" (September 2014 intake)

The University has been working on a series of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) named “HKUx” since joining edX. Among the first course to run on the HKUx platform will be "Epidemics", which is now open for registration at HERE. To learn more about this course, check out the video above. Further information about the course is also available at HERE.


Voices from Class of 2013's Graduates of our Master of Public Health Programme

To learn more about how our Master of Public Health Programme has helped transform the professional development and contributed to the intellectual pursuit of our graduates, listen to the sharing of two graduates from the Class of 2013, Dr Joy Leung and Ms Wendy Huang.


Year 3 MBBS Students ‘hit-the-streets’ to Promote Public Health Awareness

As the New Year begins,Year 3 MBBS Problem-based Public Health students, School of Public Health, University of Hong Kong, ‘hit-the-streets’ in Mong Kok, the corridors of Queen Mary Hospital, Centennial Campus HKU, and a local secondary school to promote public health advocacy.

Further details of these health advocacy projects are at HERE.

Recent Publications



Cowling B.J., Perera R.A., Fang V.J., Chan K.H., Wai W., So H.C., Chu D.K., Wong J.Y., Shiu E.Y., Ng S., Ip D.K., Peiris J.S.M., Leung G.M., Incidence of influenza virus infections in children in Hong Kong in a 3-year randomised placebo-controlled vaccine study, 2009-2012, Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2014, 59(4): 517-24. [link]


Cheung P.P.H., Watson S.J., Choy K.T., Sia S.F., Wong D.D.Y., Poon L.L.M., Kellam P., Guan Y., Peiris J.S.M. and Yen H., Generation and characterization of influenza A viruses with altered polymerase fidelity , Nature Communications. 2014, 5: 4794. [link]


Liao Q., Ip D.K.M., Tsang K.L., Cao B., Jiang H., Liu F., Zheng J., Peng Z., Wu P., Huai Y., Lau E.H.Y., Feng L., Leung G.M., Yu H. and Cowling B.J., A clinical prediction rule for diagnosing human infections with avian influenza A(H7N9) in a hospital emergency department setting, BMC Medicine. 2014, 12(1): 127: 1-9. [link]

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