Subject Core

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Foundations of Exercise Science

Course code: EXSC1001 

Course coordinator: Dr Sinead Sheridan

This course provides an introduction to exercise science as a field of study by providing an overview of (1) the sub-disciplines that provide the knowledge base for the discipline of exercise science and (2) the professions that depend on exercise science for their practice. Key biological themes related to adaptation and maturation will be used to exemplify the contributions that studies of the anatomical, mechanical, physiological, neural, and psychological and socio-cultural studies of human physical activity can make to human health and performance.

Note: This course is a pre-requisite for all Science Core Courses, Subject Core Courses of the curriculum and the Major / Minor in Exercise Science.  Enrollment priority will be given to Year 1 and Year 2 undergraduates.

Physical Activity and Health

Course code: EXSC1002

Course coordinator: Dr Sinead Sheridan

This course investigates the role of physical activity in the maintenance of good physical health and avoidance of disease. The epidemiological evidence for physical inactivity as a causative factor in various lifestyle related disorders is introduced, and the use of physical activity and exercise as effective means of health management is investigated.


Kinetic anatomy and biomechanics

Course code: EXSC1003

Course coordinator: TBC

This course provides an introduction to the gross anatomy of the human body, with an underlying emphasis on anatomy for human movement. Areas covered usually include the tissue types, the anatomical referencing system, the axial and appendicular skeleton, important nerves, blood vessels and skeletal muscles, and an overview of the heart, lungs and viscera.

Fundamentals of motor control and learning

Course code: EXSC2001

Course coordinator: Dr TWL Wong

Human movement is a highly complex process. Simply negotiating your way to lectures requires the processing of a host of sensory information, effective decision making, and the coordinated contraction and relaxation of skeletal muscles. This course offers an introductory overview of how we control movement and how we develop and refine our movement skills. Emphasis is placed on basic principles and their application to health and exercise.

Exercise physiology

Course code: EXSC2003

Course coordinator: Dr PMF Siu

This course introduces the key physiological and metabolic responses to acute and chronic exercise. Students will examine and evaluate changes that occur to various physiological systems during an acute bout of exercise and following a period of exercise training. Emphasis is placed on the respiratory, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems in this course.

Measurement of Physical Activity

Course code: EXSC2006

Course coordinator: Dr SSM Fong

The course aims to develop an understanding of how different aspects of physical activity are assessed. The primary focus of the course is on the objective measurement of physical activity and key areas covered include the measurement of energy expenditure, as well as cardiopulmonary and mechanical responses to physical activity of varying intensities.


Exercise Prescription and Training

Course code: EXSC2007

Course coordinator: Dr Sinead Sheridan

The course provides students with hands-on skills for fitness (wellness) coaching for a wide spectrum of athletes / clientele. The course will provide students with the skills to plan, design, instruct and monitor a proper training program (exercise prescription) for the client. Basic knowledge of human anatomy and exercise physiology are highly recommended. Joomla 3.3 Templates