Curriculum Structure

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(Applicable to students admitted to the new 4-year curriculum in 2016-17)

The BSc(Exercise & Health) curriculum normally requires 4-year of study. In order to graduate you need to successfully complete not fewer than 240 credits comprising:

A. University Requirement Language Enhancement Courses 18
  Common Core Courses 36
  Sub-total 54
B. Major in Exercise Science Science Core Courses 24
  Subject Core Courses 36
  Specialism Courses 24
  Capstone Experience 12
  Sub-total 96
C. Elective Courses Courses within the curriculum and/or minor(s) offered in other curricula 90
  Sub-total 90
  Total Degree Credits 240


(Applicable to students admitted to the existing 4-year curriculum in 2015-16 and before)
A. Major in Exercise Science Introductory Level Courses 24
  Core Advanced Level Courses (including a Dissertation of 12 credits) 48
  Advanced Level Disciplinary Electives 18
  Sub-total 90
B. University Requirements Common Core Courses 36
  General University English Course 6
  English-in-the-Discipline Course 6
  Chinese Language Enhancement Course 6
  Sub-total 54
C. Elective Courses Free Electives 96
  Sub-total 96
  Total Degree Credits 240 Joomla 3.3 Templates