Minor in Exercise Science

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(Applicable to students admitted to the new 4-year curriculum in 2016-17)
You are required to successfully complete 36 credits, comprising:
(Applicable to students admitted to the existing 4-year curriculum in 2015-16 and before)
You are required to successfully complete 36 credits, comprising:
  • 12 credits in Introductory Level Core BSc(Exercise and Health) courses
  • 24 credits in Advanced Level BSc(Exercise and Health) courses
Introductory Level Core Courses
PBSL1120/EXSC1001 Foundations of exercise science
PBSL1121/EXSC1002 Physical activity and health                                    
Advanced Level Courses
PBSL2229/EXSC2003 Exercise physiology                                    
PBSL2233/EXSC2005 Biomechanics
PBSL2234/EXSC2001 Fundamentals of motor control and learning
PBSL2237/EXSC2004 Research design and analysis for exercise and health
PBSL2238/EXSC2006 Measurement of physical activity
PBSL2239/EXSC2007 Exercise prescription and training
PBSL3334/EXSC3002 Advanced exercise physiology
PBSL3335/EXSC3003 Advances in skill learning
PBSL3337/EXSC3004 Physical activity and disability
PBSL3338/EXSC3005 Physical activity and diseases of inactivity
PBSL3339/EXSC3006 Public health promotion of physical activity
PBSL3340/EXSC3007 Special topic in exercise sciences
PBSL3341/EXSC3008 Recent advances in exercise and health
PBSL3342/EXSC3009 Current concepts in exercise and health
PBSL3343/EXSC3010 Advanced measurement of physical activity
PBSL3344/EXSC3011 Advanced exercise prescription and training
PBSL3345/EXSC3012 Applied anthropometry
PBSL3346/EXSC3013 Sport and exercise nutrition
PBSL3347/EXSC3014 Rehabilitation Science


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