Minor in Exercise Science

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(Applicable to students admitted to the new 4-year curriculum in 2016-17)
You are required to successfully complete 36 credits, comprising:
(Applicable to students admitted to the existing 4-year curriculum in 2015-16 and before)
You are required to successfully complete 36 credits, comprising:
  • 12 credits in Introductory Level Core BSc(Exercise and Health) courses
  • 24 credits in Advanced Level BSc(Exercise and Health) courses

Introductory Level Core Courses
EXSC1001 Foundations of exercise science
EXSC1002 Physical activity and health

Advanced Level Courses
EXSC2001 Fundamentals of motor control and learning
EXSC2002 Sport and Exercise Psychology
EXSC2003 Exercise physiology
Research design and analysis for exercise and health/
Evidence-based practice and public health
EXSC2005 Biomechanics
EXSC2006 Measurement of physical activity
EXSC2007 Exercise prescription and training
EXSC3002 Advanced exercise physiology
EXSC3003 Advances in skill learning
EXSC3004 Physical activity and disability
EXSC3005 Physical activity and diseases of inactivity
EXSC3006 Public health promotion of physical activity
EXSC3007 Special topic in exercise sciences
EXSC3008 Recent advances in exercise and health
EXSC3009 Current concepts in exercise and health
EXSC3010 Advanced measurement of physical activity
EXSC3011 Advanced exercise prescription and training
EXSC3012 Applied anthropometry
EXSC3013 Sport and exercise nutrition
EXSC3014 Rehabilitation Science
EXSC4000 Dissertation (12 credits)


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