The Council & Executive Committees


President  : Mr Vicent Wong
Vice President  : Dr TAM Yat Hung
Honorary  : Ms Carol KWOK
Honorary Treasurer  : Dr Ryan AU YUENG
Faculty Representative  : Dr Janice JOHNSTON
Student Representative  : Dr Esther WONG

The Society consists of six executive committees that plan, organize and conduct activities, programmes or events for the benefits of all alumni and students of the School of Public Health. All members are welcome to join the committees, please contact the respective chairs/co-chairs if you are interested.


Social Activities   Chair  Vincent WONG
   Member  Lisa Ringnér-Näckter
   Member  Yuzhang HUANG
   Member  Min ZHOU
 Membership  Chair  Yat-hung TAM
   Member  Kenny MAK
   Member  Man Fung WONG
 Public Relations (IT/Publications)  Co-Chair  Vincent WONG
   Co-Chair  Carol KWOK
   Member  Shahneela FARUQUI
   Member  Edward PINKNEY
   Member  Ahmet NACIOGLU
 Student Welfare  Co-Chair  June LEUNG
   Co-Chair  Macy CHOW
   Member  Debbie DENG
   Member  Carol KWOK
 Liaison & Outreach  Co-chair  Carol KWOK
   Co-chair  Macy CHOW
   Member   Tiffany LAM
   Member  Mimi CHAU
   Member  Yuen Sum Kylie WONG
   Member  Janet LAM
   Member  Janet CHOW
 Donation & Scholarship  Chair  Ryan AU YEUNG
   Member  Yu Ling Adrienne CHAN


Click HERE to view the Terms of Reference for the Executive Committees.