Guo, Fang

Post-doctoral Fellow

Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

  • PhD (HKU), MPH (XJTU), BMed (XJTU), BA (XJTU)

Dr Guo Fang joined the School of Public Health, HKU as Post-doctoral Fellow in 2022 after she obtained her PhD degree from HKU at top 10% in environmental health. She graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) via a Bachelor and Master combined programme majoring in Clinical Medicine (Preventive Medicine) at top 1% in 2018.

Her doctoral research introduced newly developed causal inference methods from other fields to the environmental health arena, trying to move beyond correlational evidence from traditional regression models.

Dr Guo will continue engaging in projects about causal discovery/inference study of environmental exposures with health outcomes, and extend research focuses to air pollution panel study and cancer epidemiology. Meanwhile, her research interest also includes nutritional epidemiology.
Selected Publications
  1. Guo F, Do V, Copper R, Huang Y, … & Tian LW*, Fu ZR. Trends of temperature variability: which variability and what health implications. Science of the Total Environment. 2021. 144487.
  2. Guo F, Zhang Q, Jiang H, He Y, … & Tian LW*, Ma L*. Dietary potato intake and risks of type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes mellitus. Clinical Nutrition, 2021, 40(6): 3754-3764.
  3. Guo F, Zhang Q, Yin Y, Liu Y, … & Ma L*. Legume consumption and risk of hypertension in a prospective cohort of Chinese men and women. British Journal of Nutrition, 2020, 123(5): 564-573.
  4. Ran J, Yang A, Sun S, Han L, Li J, Guo F, … & Lee RSY. Long-term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter and mortality from renal failure: a retrospective cohort study in Hong Kong. American Journal of Epidemiology, 2020, pii: kwz282.
  5. Ran J, Sun SZ, Han LF, Zhao Shi, Chen DY, Guo F, … & Tian LW *. Fine particulate matter and cause-specific mortality in the Hong Kong elder patients with chronic kidney disease. Chemosphere, 2020; 247: 125913.
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