Nealon, Joshua Alexander Patrick

Research Assistant Professor

Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

  • BSc, MSc, PhD
Dr. Nealon joined the School of Public Health in 2022. He was originally trained in Medical Microbiology at the University of Edinburgh before working for a startup company associated with the Chemical Pathology Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, using molecular biomarkers of fetal-maternal disorders. Joshua completed a Masters at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2005 and after graduating, he worked for the World Health Organization in Cambodia conducting operataional research on the prevention of dengue through vector control and community engagement. He subsequently took a regional role for WHO in Manila, forcussing on the prevention and control of vector-borne diseases in the context of climate change. After that, he worked for Sanofi Pasteur – a global vaccine company – with responsibility for the epidemiology of vaccine preventable diseases including dengue, Japanese encephalitis and influenza, leading the data generation associated with launching innovative vaccines in developing and developed countries. Joshua completed his PhD in Epidemiology at the Univeristy of Edinburgh in 2021 and his research interests include the broader medical complications of infectous diseases, vaccine effectiveness studies and novel methods of conducting them.
Selected Publications
  1. Nealon J, Modin D, Ghosh R, et al. The feasibility of large, pragmatic, influenza vaccine randomized controlled trials using non-specific endpoints: exploring real world data from Denmark and England. NPJ Vaccines 2022 [in press].
  2. Taniguchi K, Ikeda S, Hagiwara Y, … Nealon J. Epidemiology and burden of illness of seasonal influenza among the elderly in Japan: A systematic literature review and vaccine effectiveness meta‐analysis. Influenza Other Respi Viruses. 2021;15(2):293-314.
  3. Ylade M, Agrupis KA, Daag JV, … Nealon J, et al. Effectiveness of a single-dose mass dengue vaccination in Cebu, Philippines: A case-control study. Vaccine. 2021;39(37):5318-5325.
  4. Nealon J, Bouckenooghe A, Cortes M, et al. Dengue endemicity, force of infection and variation in transmission intensity in 13 endemic countries. J Infect Dis. Published online March 25, 2020. [IF: 5.022, ranked 11/93 under the category “Science: Infectious diseases”]
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