Po, Hiu Laam Kathy

Post-doctoral Fellow

Division of Public Health Laboratory Sciences

  • BSc (Hons), PhD

Dr. Po completed her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Biology with Biotechnology in 2013 and a PhD in Biological Sciences in 2020, both from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. During her PhD study, she was mainly working on structure-function relationships of enzymes that mediate bacterial resistance to fluoroquinolone and beta-lactams. In other collaborative projects, she screened for various antibiotic analogues to discover novel antibiotics active against Gram-positive pathogens and depicted the mechanisms of enhanced activity.

Dr. Po joined University of Hong Kong in 2020 to receive postdoctoral training. Her current research covers surveillance of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in the interface of human, animals and the environment.

Selected Publications
  1. Chen D, Po KHL, Blasco P, Chen S, Li X. Convergent Synthesis of Calcium-Dependent Antibiotic CDA3a and Analogues with Improved Antibacterial Activity via Late-Stage Serine Ligation. Organic letters. 2020;22(12):4749-53.
  2. Chow HY, Po KHL, Gao P, Blasco P, Wang X, Li C, et al. Methylation of Daptomycin Leading to the Discovery of Kynomycin, a Cyclic Lipodepsipeptide Active against Resistant Pathogens. Journal of medicinal chemistry. 2020.
  3. Chen D, Chow HY, Po KHL, Ma W, Leung ELY, Sun Z, et al. Total Synthesis and Structural Establishment/Revision of Antibiotics A54145. Organic letters. 2019;21(14):5639-44.
  4. Po KHL, Chan EWC, Chen S. Functional Characterization of CTX-M-14 and CTX-M-15 beta-Lactamases by In Vitro DNA Shuffling. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2017;61(12).
  5. Jin K, Sam IH, Po KH, Lin D, Ghazvini Zadeh EH, Chen S, et al. Total synthesis of teixobactin. Nature communications. 2016;7:12394.
  6. Po KH, Chan EW, Chen S. Mutational Analysis of Quinolone Resistance Protein QnrVC7 Provides Novel Insights into the Structure-Activity Relationship of Qnr Proteins. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2016;60(3):1939-42.
  7. Po KH, Wong MH, Chen S. Identification and characterisation of a novel plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance gene, qnrVC7, in Vibrio cholerae of seafood origin. International journal of antimicrobial agents. 2015;45(6):667-8