Zhou, Ziqi Candy

Post-doctoral Fellow

Division of Public Health Laboratory Sciences

  • BEng, MSc, PhD
After completing her PhD study in Virology at the University of Hong Kong in 2021 Dr. Zhou was appointed as Post-doctoral Fellow in our School in 2022. Before that, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree from the South China Agricultural University majoring in Bioengineering, and her Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her PhD thesis studied the genotype and phenotype of East African camel MERS-CoV, and the genetic determinants of the viral phenotype, to shed light on the risk of zoonotic transmission and the enigma of the lack of zoonotic MERS-CoV reported in Africa. Besides, she is experienced in MERS-CoV surveillance study with interests in the epidemiology and evolution of MERS-CoV. Recently her research interest focuses on the role of coronavirus spike protein mutations on viral phenotypes to understand the pathogenic implication for humans.
Selected Publications
  1. Zhou, Z*., Hui, K. P*., So, R. T., Lv, H., Perera, R. A., Chu, D. K., ... & Peiris, M. (2021). Phenotypic and genetic characterization of MERS coronaviruses from Africa to understand their zoonotic potential. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(25).
  2. Chu, D. K., Perera, R. A., Ali, A., Oladipo, J. O., Mamo, G., So, R. T., Zhou, Z.,  ... & Peiris, M. (2020). Influenza A virus infections in dromedary camels, Nigeria and Ethiopia, 2015–2017. Emerging infectious diseases, 26(1), 173.
  3. So, R. T., Chu, D. K., Miguel, E., Perera, R. A., Oladipo, J. O., Fassi-Fihri, O., Aylet, G., Ko, R.L., Zhou, Z., ... & Peiris, M. (2019). Diversity of dromedary camel coronavirus HKU23 in African camels revealed multiple recombination events among closely related betacoronaviruses of the subgenus Embecovirus. Journal of Virology, 93(23), e01236-19.
  4. Chu, D. K., Hui, K. P., Perera, R. A., Miguel, E., …Zhou, Z., ... & Peiris, M. (2018). MERS coronaviruses from camels in Africa exhibit region-dependent genetic diversity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences115(12), 3144-3149.