Human Performance Expert Group

In July 2016, the academic and research arms of the Institute of Human Performance were incorporated into the School of Public Health of Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine.

The Institute has been focusing on two cross-disciplinary research themes, viz. Physical Activity and Health; as well as Skill Learning and Expert Performance. The focus of the former is on the physiological aspects of exercise and its measurement in different populations, the influence of the built environment on physical activity behaviours, physical activity and inactivity factors that contribute to long-term prevention of obesity and beneficial characteristics of traditional Chinese forms of exercise; whereas the latter theme focuses primarily on the investigation of cognitive mechanisms underlying skill learning and performance, and perceptual mechanisms that underlie expertise in movement.  The said research teams have been contributing to the University’s Strategic Research Themes of respectively Public Health and Sciences of Learning, as well as the Public Health Research Centre under Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine.  

The integration of the Institute’s academic activities under the School of Public Health will help maximize and unleash the synergistic and complementary values of the said research themes currently pursued by the faculty members concerned under the auspice of the broader public health framework and help promote biomedical research and scientific advancement for the betterment of population health. 

The School is most pleased to welcome our newest members from the Human Performance Expert Group. With this excellent team of scholars who are leading experts in the multidisciplinary study of human performance, the School is confident that they will contribute greatly to our scientific discovery enterprise and evidence-based public health education and advocacy programmes. Joomla 3.3 Templates