Wernli, Didier

Visiting Assistant Professor
Division of To be advised
Contact Information
Tel: 3917 9946
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Didier Wernli is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Public Health of Hong Kong University. Didier has also an appointment as a Senior Researcher/Lecturer at the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva. In his current position, Didier develops research and teaching activities at the interface between international relations and health. His research interests are on the global governance of infectious diseases with a focus on antimicrobial resistance. At HKU Didier is involved in the curriculum development of the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Global Health and Development and a project on the implementation of AMR policies. Didier is the co-founder of the Geneva Transformative Governance Lab and a principal investigator in the JPIAMR funded project of the resilience of one Health systems to AMR.


Selected Publications 

  1. Jørgensen, P. S., Aktipis, A., Brown, Z., Carrière, Y., Downes, S., Dunn, R. R.,…, Wernli, D, Carroll S. P. Living with Resistance, p. (2018). Antibiotic and pesticide susceptibility and the Anthropocene operating space. Nature Sustainability, 1(11), 632-641.
  2. Wernli, D., Jorgensen, P. S., Harbarth, S., Carroll, S. P., Laxminarayan, R., Levrat, N., . . . Pittet, D. (2017). Antimicrobial resistance: The complex challenge of measurement to inform policy and the public. PLoS Med, 14(8), e1002378.
  3. Wernli, D., Jørgensen, P. S., Morel, C. M., Carroll, S., Harbarth, S., Levrat, N., & Pittet, D. (2017). Mapping global policy discourse on antimicrobial resistance. BMJ Global Health, 2(2), e000378.
  4. Jorgensen, P. S., Wernli, D., Carroll, S. P., Dunn, R. R., Harbarth, S., Levin, S. A., . . . Laxminarayan, R. (2016). Use antimicrobials wisely. Nature, 537(7619), 159-161.
  5. Wernli, D., Haustein, T., Conly, J., Carmeli, Y., Kickbusch, I., & Harbarth, S. (2011). A call for action: the application of The International Health Regulations to the global threat of antimicrobial resistance. PLoS Medicine, 8(4), e1001022.


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