Vackova, Dana

MD (Charles); MBA (Lond)
Senior Lecturer
Contact Information
Tel: 3917 9154
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr Dana Vackova is as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Health (SPH) in the LKS Faculty of Medicine, which she joined in 2006. She is responsible for coordinating SPH undergraduate courses, planning and developing the MBBS curriculum, and undergraduate teaching. She developed new MBBS courses such as Occupational Medicine, Challenges in Health Care Management and elective Global Health. She also coordinates MBBS Year 3 Health Research Project and is involved in the LKS Faculty of Medicine System Block Planning, Senior Clerkship Coordinating and MBBS Year 3 Elective module planning committee.

Dr Vackova received TDG grants for medical education research and presented her research results at medical education conferences in Hong Kong and abroad. She is an author of many cases for MBBS Problem Based Learning (PBL) and SPH undergraduate case studies. 

Dr Vackova is a fellow of The Hong Kong College of Community Medicine and HKAM (Community Medicine). Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Dr Vackova worked as an internal medicine specialist and counsellor for the Health Insurance System and Drug Policy at the Ministry of Health, Czech Republic.


Selected Publications 

  1. So, ECT; Fung, FHF; Yeung, JKH; Chow, LHY; Kwok, JSH; Lam, RLY; So, TCY; Yu, FSM; Vackova, D; Leung, GKK: Patient Perception of Physician Attire Before and After Disclosure of the Risks of Microbial Contamination, International Journal of Medical Students , 2013, v. 1 n. 3, p. 109- 114 Issued [link] Joomla 3.3 Templates