MBBS Health Research Project students’ study on medical chaperones in intimate physical examinations published in Hong Kong Medical Journal

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

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The article “Chaperones and intimate physical examinations: what do male and female patients want?” written by a group of Year 5 MBBS Health Research Project (HRP) students, School of Public Health, the University of Hong Kong, has been published in the Hong Kong Medical Journal (HKMJ). The study (http://www.hkmj.org/abstracts/v23n1/35.htm) investigated the perception and attitude of male and female Chinese patients to the presence of a chaperone during an intimate physical and in particular, the relevant impact of patient and physician gender.

Year 5 MBBS Health Research Project (HRP) students:

CHOY Hiu Ting
FAN Vei Chen
KWOK George Yuan Jing
LAM Han Gang
LIM Qin Ying
MAN Yan Yan
TANG Chi Kin
WONG Cheuk Cheuk
YU Yi Fung


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