What our students say - Danny Tang


“During this year of studying courses pertaining to kinesiology, I have been exposed to multiple facets of sports science, not only in terms of the health benefits as we all know, but also more in-depth discussion concerning different properties of a wide range of exercise modalities as well as their underlying physiological effects. In truth, I would not have explored so much in this aspect had I not enrolled in this minor. 

Apart from informative lectures consolidating me with basic knowledge, I am glad that there are interactive laboratory and tutorial sessions for us to possess a hands-on experience with the theories taught in the lectures. A few of the examples will be performing the Wingate test on a bicycle and commenting on rehabilitative cases of elderly falls or even post-stroke management. The latter has given me a taste of how to formulate a clinical view of how to approach and assess patients with common conditions witnessed in the ageing population. Such conditions have a strong association with clinical areas such as orthopaedics and neurology, in which my interest lies. 

All in all, I believe this minor of reasonable workload will be a solid stepping stone for anyone who are interested in sports science."


Tang Sui Hong Danny
2018-2019 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Year 3 Student
(Minor in Kinesiology)


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