What our students say - Michael Yan


“Since high school, I have a keen interest in sports science and wish to be a team physician in the future. It is fortunate of me to take a kinesiology minor in my enrichment year before continuation of my career pursuit of an orthopedic surgeon. The kinesiology courses provide a fundamental understanding of sports science, both in the improvement of performance aspect and health aspect. 

Kinesiology courses are very interesting and practical. In past MBBS curriculum on Musculoskeletal Block, we were taught anatomy and physiology, but we have never told the applications of these into patient-oriented or performance-oriented cases. For example, exercise physiology broadens my understanding of the use of exercise physiology in improving physical performance and maintenance of general health. Rehabilitation courses are instructional to incorporate anatomy and physiology into injury prevention, recovery, and improvement of physical function aspects. In the upcoming year, there will be a course on biomechanics, which is a vital skill in terms of understanding sports injury.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the kinesiology courses professors, tutors, and my classmates. I am sure if you are sports fans, you will enjoy kinesiology courses a lot because it provides both theory and hands-on experience."


Yan Zhipeng Michael
2018-2019 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Year 3 Student
(Minor in Kinesiology)


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