What our students say - Ronald Tsang


“I am fortunate to have read the Minor in Kinesiology during my Enrichment Year in MBBS Year III. After two years of pre-clinical studies, the EXSC courses enable me to get a glimpse of medicine in various areas in a stepwise approach. Through interactive lectures and experiential learnings in field visits and laboratory sessions, I can put knowledge into practice and apply them in my future career. The professors have also given timely feedback and relevant career experience to broaden my horizons as a medical student. The Minor in Kinesiology has not only raised my awareness of physical fitness, but it has also helped build my interest in sports science. The Minor in Kinesiology is definitely a suitable choice for you to delve into sports science through all-inclusive resources and learning from knowledgeable professors."


Tsang Yui Long Ronald
2018-2019 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Year 3 Student
(Minor in Kinesiology)


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