What our students say - Virginia Choy


“The EXSC courses cover a wide variety of aspects from exercise physiology to the relationship between exercise and human health. With the understanding of core scientific disciplines underpinning sport and heath, this provides me the first step in preparing to become a physiotherapist in my further study. 

The teaching and academic staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are very supportive during my study. I am grateful for the support that I received from the teachers and the School, it was a pleasure learning with assistance and guidance whenever needed. I would definitely recommend the EXSC courses for any students that are interested in getting a grasp on exercise science and potentially pursue a related master's degree or career. The courses not only equip you with knowledge but are also crucial for your future career.”


CHOY Yi Ching Virginia
2018 Bachelor of Science Graduate (Major in Food & Nutritional Science)
Postgraduate Status: Master of Physiotherapy Study at University of Birmingham


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