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Master of Public Health programme 

The University Grant Council (UGC) will be awarding fellowships, each worth HK$120,000, to 20 incoming local MPH students in recognition of the School’s strategic contribution to capacity building in Hong Kong. Students awarded with the fellowship will pay HK$48,000 for MPH tuition, as compared to the full tuition of HK$168,000.

The MPH is a graduate training programme designed to prepare students with knowledge and capabilities required to address public health challenges, and take on leadership roles to improve population health. Through undertaking the MPH programme, you will have the opportunity to learn from a dedicated team of world renowned policy makers, practitioners, researchers and clinicians whom are at the forefront of developing and implementing real-world solutions in Hong Kong, China and beyond. Click here to find out more.

BASc(GHD) Programme (JUPAS Code: JS6250)

The new Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development [BASc(GHD)] programme, the first of its kind in Asia, provides students with the knowledge and competencies necessary to effectively engage with today’s rapidly evolving, international and interdisciplinary environment and to respond to complex global health and development challenges. Click here to find out more.


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