What our students say - Joey Wong


“I am fortunate to have the opportunity to take EXSC courses during my final year, when kinesiology was first introduced to biomedical sciences curriculum as a minor option. After years studying human body from pharmacologic, genetic and pathological perspective, exercise science offered me a completely new perspective to understand holistic health. I was intrigued by how powerful exercise or even just physical activity can be. Some diseases like dementia, cancer and mental illness have spent scientists and medical professionals strenuous effort to seek remedies. These treatments are not always promising, some even have intolerable side effects, yet exercise is proven to be a universal drug and prevention to all these intractable diseases. This was when I became increasingly aware of my physical fitness that is essential to cope with daily activities. I am grateful to have met wonderful teachers in course of the study, who provided timely feedback, comprehensive learning resources and most importantly insight to multiple disciplines of exercise science. I would surely recommend EXSC courses to students from any disciplines."


Wong Lok Yi Joey
2018 Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences Graduate
Postgraduate Status: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at The University of Hong Kong


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