Minor in Global Health

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The Global Health Minor takes a multidisciplinary approach in the study of the environmental, economic, social and political change on the health of human populations and the environment. The key concepts, debates, challenges, and opportunities in the field of global health will be explored through a broad-based and intellectually engaging curriculum. Students will apply their acquired knowledge and skills in these core areas to efforts to mitigate these transnational problems and improve health as global citizens.

Students should take 6 courses (36 credits) from the following list:

Course (6 credits each)
GEOG2124 Environmental change and socio-political conflicts
URBS1001 Urban and regional development 1
SOWK3099 Population and development
GHAD3003 The role of innovation and technology in shaping directions of health and development 
GHAD3002 Health systems and financing OR
LLAW3027 International organisations
GHAD4003 Seminar in major global health and development challenges OR
GHAD4004 Bringing it all together: Seminar in planetary health


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