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Teaching and Learning

BASc(GHD) Programme (JUPAS Code: JS6250)

The new Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development [BASc(GHD)] programme, the first of its kind in Asia, provides students with the knowledge and competencies necessary to effectively engage with today’s rapidly evolving, international and interdisciplinary environment and to respond to complex global health and development challenges. Click here to find out more.

Master of Public Health programme 

The Master of Public Health programme is a broadly based graduate training programme designed to prepare physicians, dentists, nurses, other health professionals, medical and health researchers and policy analysts to identify and analyze contemporary health and healthcare issues in Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific. Click here to find out more.

Featured Publications of the Month

  1. The WHO CVD Risk Chart Working Group (Lam T.H. is one of collaborators), World Health Organization cardiovascular disease risk charts: Revised models to estimate risk in 21 global regions, Lancet Global Health. 2019, 7(10): e1332-45. [link]
  2. Quan J., Pang D., Li K.L., Choi C.H., Siu S.C., Tang S.Y., Wat N.M., Woo J., Lau Z.Y., Tan K.B. and Leung G.M., Risk prediction scores for mortality, cerebrovascular, and heart disease amongst Chinese people with type 2 diabetes, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. 2019, 104(12): 5823-30. [link]
  3. Chua H.Y., Chiu S.S.S., Chan L.Y., Feng S., Kwan Y.W., Wong J.S.C., Peiris J.S.M. and Cowling B.J., Effectiveness of partial and full influenza vaccination in children aged <9 years in Hong Kong, 2011-2019., Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2019; 220(10): 1568-76. [link]
  4. Chan L.Y., Hui P.Y., Kuok I.T., Bui H.T., Ng K.C., Mok K.P., Yang Z., Guan W., Poon L.M.L., Zhong N., Peiris J.S.M., Nicholls J.M. and Chan M.C.W., Risk assessment of the tropism & pathogenesis of the highly pathogenic avian influenza A/H7N9 virus using ex vivo & in vitro cultures of human respiratory tract., The Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2019, 220(4): 578-88. [link]

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