MBBS Curriculum

The School offers to MBBS students in Years 1-5 twelve interactive public health courses that are fully integrated into the curriculum and comply with the specific regulatory requirements for professional education as stipulated by the Medical Council in Hong Kong.

All courses are taught by internationally recognized experts in the fields of public health clinical practice, infectious diseases epidemiology and control, non-communicable diseases and lifestyle modifications, biostatistics, tobacco control, environmental protection, psycho-oncology, and health economics and management.

Multidisciplinary public health courses aim to strengthen students’ knowledge and skills in evidence-based decision making, smoking cessation, health research, behavioural science, risk assessment, global health and humanitarian services, outbreak investigation, surveillance and infection control monitoring, occupational medicine, public health advocacy, clinical epidemiology, and health economics and services management. Through interdisciplinary projects such as Patient Care and Health Research Projects, students gain an experience how to communicate with patients and their family members, work in professional teams and translate research finding and innovations into public health advocacy and action.

In addition, during MBBS Year 3 Enrichment Year, students have new opportunities to engage in humanitarian services through a partnership with a broad spectrum of service and community organizations from the local level to supranational agencies, or to undertake an Intercalated Master of Public Health (MPH) programme to further promote and protect population health and extend their capacity to become future public health professionals and leaders

Students Prizes
Prizes are awarded annually for MBBS students with the highest achievements in the summative exams questions related to Public Health,  Health Research Project or Problem Based Public Health.

(in alphabetical order)

Chee Family Prize in Public Health

Awarded annually to top 10% of the class in terms of the cumulative marks obtained in the Public Health components of the written assessments in their First, Second, Third and Fourth examinations.


Winner in 2018/19

Mr Poon Chi Ngai

Ho Kam Tong Prize in Community Medicine

Awarded annually to the student who has secured the highest place in the Fourth MBBS Examination in Public Health.


Winner in 2018/19

Ms Lau Hiu Ching


Winner in 2017/18

Ma Kwok Ming
Mr Ma Kwok Ming


Winner in 2016/17

Chan Ka Wing
Ms Chan Ka Wing


Winner in 2015/16

Mr Lam Cheuk Yin Anthony


Winner in 2014/15

Hui Wan Hin Rex
Mr Hui Wan Hin Rex


Hong Kong College of Family Physicians’ Prize in Community Medicine

Awarded to students who have demonstrated special interest and skill in an approved investigation into aspects of general practice and the best community based research work.


Winners in 2018/19

Mr Ho Yik To

Mr Lam Gin Hou Alan

Mr Cheng Tung

Ms Lau Wai Sum

Ms Lee Ho Yan Clara

Mr Ng Chi Ho

Mr Sheung Chun Yin Brian

Mr Wong Lok Wang

Mr Yu Jeffrey Hong Cheung


The prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “Association of sleep hygiene behavior and sleep quality in medical students in Hong Kong”.


Winners in 2017/18

Mr Ho Wui Hang

Mr Ma Kwok Ming

Mr Ho Han Chung Gary

Mr Lew Ting Kai

Mr Li Ka Ho

Ms Tam Wan In

Ms Wan Lai Kuen

Ms Wong Wing Shan

Mr Wu Kit Wah

Ms Ng Kim Yee Naomi


The prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “Opt-out Organ Donation in Hong Kong – An Interventional Study on Its Effectiveness in Raising Donor Numbers”.


Winners in 2016/17

Family Physicians 2016-17

Ms Cheng Christie C

Mr Chiang Yan Wa

Ms Chui Jacqueline Cheuk Yan

Mr Lee Chi Ming

Mr Li Min Hin Henry

Mr Tse Tak Mong Desmond

Mr Wong Bo Hang

Mr Wong Ka Hei

Ms Yu Stephanie Wing Yin


The prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “A Storybook Intervention Improves the Health Literacy of Older Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Hong Kong: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial”.


Winners in 2015/16

Family Physicians 2015-16 

Mr Chen Hei Yu Matthew

Ms Chiu Wing Yan

Mr Ho Pui Hung

Mr Kwok Chun Pong

Ms Lam Sze Man Suki

Mr Leung Ka Chun

Mr Mui Carlo

Ms Ng Yuk Yiu

Mr Wong Chun Yip

Ms Wong Kit Yee


The prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “Impact of patient education on influenza vaccine uptake among community-dwelling Chinese elderly: a randomised controlled trial”.


Winners in 2014/15

Mr Chan Chin Tsung

Ms Chan Ofelia Wing Ying

Mr Cheung Hon Wing

Mr Chung Sing Lai

Ms Lau Swan

Ms Lau Wing Tung

Mr Leung Felix

Mr Leung Ka Ho

Mr Li Chi

Mr Tam Yuk Wang Edward


The prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “Knowledge and attitudes towards the use of automated external defibrillator in Hong Kong: a population-based cross-sectional study”


Hong Kong Society of Community Medicine Prize

Awarded annually to a group of medical students who have demonstrated special interest and skill in an approved assignment in the field of community medicine.


Winners in 2018/19

Mr Cheng Kwan Yin

Mr Cheung Ho Ming James

Ms Chu Lok Yee Sabrina

Ms Chu Man Ka

Mr Fok Ho Man

Ms Lam Hiu Ching Michelle

Mr Lam Ho Ting

Ms Tse Lok Yan Corinna

Mr Wong Cheuk Yin Matthew

Mr Yiu Ka Sang


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “A study on the mental well-being of patients with glaucoma in Hong Kong”.


Winners in 2017/18

Society 2017-18

Mr Wu Tai Dong

Mr Wong Chi Chung Jeffrey

Mr Wong Chun Lai

Mr Yiu On Lap

Mr Siu Ka Wing

Mr Leung Wai Chung

Ms Wu Stephanie Oi­lam

Ms Pang Yee Ting

Ms Ma Wai Shan

Mr Lo Long Ho


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “Evaluate the effectiveness of various interventions in influencing knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards organ donation among secondary school students in Hong Kong”.


Winners in 2016/17

Society 2016-17 

Mr Fong Fuk Kei

Mr Kong Novia Mozart

Mr Lai Kang

Ms Lee Yee Ting

Ms Leung Yin Fong

Mr Leung Yue Hin Ryan

Mr Lin Hiu Yu

Ms Ng Bik Kwan

Ms Wong Pui


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “Psychosocial Health of Foreign Domestic Workers in Hong Kong: A Cross-Sectional Study”.


Winners in 2015/16

Society 2015-16

Mr Choi Sze Yuen

Ms Fung Sze Hang

Mr Lai Chi Kit

Ms Leung Sze Chung Gloria

Mr Li Victor

Mr Lung Matthew Chi Yeung

Mr Poon Wui Chung

Ms Tam Ka Yue

Ms Wu Tsz Tin Tracy

Mr Yan Sze Wing


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “A study on the sleep quality and duration of Hong Kong primary school students - Associated factors and their relationship with health related quality of life”.


Winners in 2014/15

Society 2014-15

Mr Chan Chun Hei

Ms Chow Wing Man

Mr Dianto Jeffrey

Mr Ho Ho Nam

Mr Lau Yuk Ming

Mr Lie Hong Yin Henry

Mr Liu Chi Wai

Ms Lo King Yan Cathy

Ms So Karen Hoi Ting

Mr Yu Anthony Shing-yiu


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject: “The Association between Polypharmacy and Antihypertensive Drug Adherence in Chinese Adult Patients”.

Medic '71 Dean's Prize for Community Projects

Awarded to a group of medical students who have produced an outstanding community project which should essentially be an original project, done entirely or mostly by current medical student, focusing on health issues of the community; and well documented and presented.


Winners in 2015/16

Mr Poon Ho Ting Samuel

Mr Liu Ho Lim

Ms Leung Wing Hei

Mr Chiu Hon Yiu

Ms Lee Wah Yan Jennifer

Ms Siu Wan Yung

Ms Tsui Pui Chi

Mr Lam Wai Yiu


Winners in 2014/15

Dean 2014-15

Mr Cheung Lam Chi

Mr Chu Wing Ming

Mr Fong Chun Yuen

Mr Hui Wan Hin Rex

Mr Lau Hong Wan Ivan

Ms Leung Chun Yiu

Mr Leung Eugene

Ms Leung Sze Nga Sheona

Mr Yip Kimberly Kin Yan

Ms Yung Vivian Queenie


Professor Michael Colbourne Prize

Awarded to a group of the MBBS students who have produced an outstanding piece of work in any of the sections of the curriculum administered by the School of Public Health.


Winners in 2018/19

Mr Au Andrea Chor Kiu

Mr Chan Hoi Ho

Ms Chiu Yuen Kei

Ms Day Chi Rong Joycelyn

Mr Ko Tsz Ngok

Ms Lam Sin Nga

Mr Leung Ka Long

Ms Leung Sin Yan Shelomith

Mr Liu Wai Shun Wilson

Mr Tsang Man Kit


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject “HPV Knowledge, Risk Perceptions and Perceived Need for Safer Sexual Behaviour Among Hong Kong Female University Students with Different HPV Vaccination Status - A Comparative Cross-sectional Study”.


Winners in 2017/18

Michael 2017-18

Mr Cheng King Hei Dominic

Ms Chan Oi Ting

Mr Chu Kim Long Matthew

Mr Ho Chun Hing

Ms Lau Hiu Yu Hilda

Ms Lee Pik Hey

Mr Tam Hoi Man

Mr Tang Chi Ho

Mr Justin Chan

Mr Teng Irving

Ms Wang Mei Yu


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject “Knowledge of and attitudes towards advance directive among patients with end-stage organ failure or advanced malignancy and their caregivers”.


Winners in 2016/17

Michael 2016-17

Mr Chan Hei Tung

Ms Chung Suet Wing Lulu

Mr Lam Fong Tao

Mr Lau Tsz Gwan Jordan

Ms Lo Phoebe Hiu Wai

Ms Lui Hoi Man

Mr Lun Yiu Kun

Ms Tang Tin Yan

Ms Tsang Hiu Man Vivian

Mr Yee Ho Fung


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject “Perception and Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Low Back Pain”.


Winners in 2015/16

Michael 2015-16

Mr Choi Ming Hong

Ms Fok Alvina Jada

Mr Kwok Pak Wai

Mr Lau Ming Him

Ms Leung Sau Chun

Mr Li Sheung Yin

Mr Pang Chun Sum

Ms Tam Fung Kuen

Ms Wong Yu Hei Bithia

Mr Wu Chun Hei Andie

Mr Zheng Jun


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject “Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (DNACPR) amongst Doctors and Clinical Medical Students - a Cross-Sectional Study”.


Winners in 2014/15

Michael 2014-15

Ms Chan Oi Ling

Mr Chan Wai Hoi

Ms Chu Stephanie Kar Yee

Mr Flynn Brian Terence

Mr Ho Stanton King Dat

Mr Ho Wilson Ka-hei

Ms Ip Whitney Chin Tung

Mr Lee Fat Kei

Ms Lee Wah Yan

Mr Sin Kin Man


The Prize is awarded for their project work on the subject “Treatment regret amongst survivors of nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) treated with radical radiotherapy”.

Teng Pin Hui Prize in Community Medicine

Awarded to the student who achieves the best total scores in the course assessment and examination in Health, Behaviour and Medical Care, for work in Years 1 to 4.


Winner in 2017/18

So Wing Lam 

Ms So Wing Lam


Winner in 2016/17

Liu Wai Kiu Thomas

Mr Liu Wai Kiu Thomas


Winner in 2015/16

Leung Ka Chun

Mr Leung Ka Chun


Winner in 2014/15

Hui Wan Hin Rex 2

Mr Hui Wan Hin Rex

Yuan Ai-Ti Gold Medal in Behavioural Sciences

Awarded to a second-year MBBS student who has performed well in the First and Second Summative Examinations and who has achieved the best overall performance on the basis of a piece of written work and the viva voca.


Winner in 2018/19

Ms Lee Lok Sze


Winner in 2017/18

Chu Hui Ning Florinda

Ms Chu Hui Ning Florinda


Winner in 2016/17
Mr Li Justin


Winner in 2015/16

Chau Yan Wing Stephanie

Ms Chau Yan Wing Stephanie


Winner in 2014/15

Young Yee Man Catherine

Ms Young Yee Man Catherine