Director's Message

Welcome to The School of Public Health at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly revealed the importance of good public health to all aspects of society and modern life – particularly, of being prepared for opportunistic health threats and ensuring equitable distribution of vaccines and treatments across the world. The silver lining is that our eyes are now wide open to the extent of our interconnectedness and the benefits that accrue when health security and well-being are improved for everyone. There is, of course, much work to be done, which is where this School comes in.

Fortunately, with the advent of AI and new technologies, we are in a better place than ever to provide new insights and solutions not only to pandemic threats, but to other public health threats arising from environmental pollution, climate change and changing behavioural and demographic patterns. The School is world-renowned for its work on the escalating array of emerging infectious diseases and rising levels of non-communicable diseases, and we are working just as keenly on these other threats as we have on COVID-19. Through our research, education and collaboration with local, national and international partners, we are ready to help the world tackle the threats to public health and address equity and justice in health.

Our home within HKU and the LKS Faculty of Medicine, both ranked among the finest in the world, and our location in a city that is vibrant with arts, culture, history, strong connections to the burgeoning Greater Bay Area and a go-getter spirit, means we can offer exciting opportunities to make a difference in public health. I welcome you to connect with us and learn how you can help make this difference.

Professor Gabriel Leung
Helen and Francis Zimmern Professor in Population Health
Professor, Chair of Public Health Medicine
Interim Director, School of Public Health