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The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development [BASc(GHD)] programme, the first of its kind in Asia, provides students with the knowledge and competencies necessary to effectively engage with today’s rapidly evolving, international and interdisciplinary environment and to respond to complex global health and development challenges. This highly innovative interdisciplinary programme will focus on the impact of major global trends such as globalisation, population growth, ageing, urbanisation, and climate change, in which health and development are intertwined.

This programme is suitable for students who aspire to:

  • develop leadership skills and competencies;
  • have a strong interdisciplinary foundation for solving complex contemporary challenges; and
  • influence global and regional health and development directions
Curriculum Components Credits
A. University Graduation Requirements
Language Enhancement Courses
Common Core Curriculum

B. Major in Global Health and Development
Anchoring Courses
Compulsory Courses
Disciplinary Core Courses

C. BASc Horizontal Courses 18
D. Electives / GHD Minor / Other Minors 90
  Total 240


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