Year 3 MBBS Students ?hit-the-streets? to Promote Public Health Awareness


As the New Year begins,Year 3 MBBS Problem-based Public Health students, School of Public Health, University of Hong Kong, ‘hit-the-streets’ in Mong Kok, the corridors of Queen Mary Hospital, Centennial Campus HKU, and a local secondary school to

  • eradicate depression through social engagement using hopscotch, skipping, Chinese shuttlecock, quizzes and flyers;
  • introduce the new Air Quality Health Index to promote public safety during ‘very high’ and ‘serious’ high risk days;
  • encourage good hand hygiene practice to hospital visitors to prevent infection;
  • encourage good workplace practices to prevent repetitive strain injury; and
  • raise awareness of familial breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

For further details, please refer to the following newspaper articles: