Bai, Yaqin

Post-doctoral Fellow

Division of Public Health Laboratory Sciences

  • BA, MD, PhD (Guangzhou Medical University)
phone 2831 5519
Dr Bai Yaqin obtained her PhD in Pathogenic Organisms from Guangzhou Medical University, where she also received MS in Immunology and BA in Clinical Laboratory Science. Her doctoral research focuses on molecular mechanism of host and viral factors determining transmission of zoonotic influenza viruses.
Selected Publications
  1. Yaqin Bai, Hui Lei, Wenjun Song, Sang Shin, Jiaqi Wang, Biying Xiao, Zeynep Kocer, Min-Suk Song, Robert Webster, Richard Webby, Sook-San Wong, and Mark Zanin. Amino acids in the avian influenza virus polymerase complex underlying airborne transmission impact replication kinetics, genome transcription, replication and mammalian pathogenicity.
    Under revision.
  2. Xia Lin, Jiaqi Wang, Shiman Ling, Cheng Xiao, Yaqin Bai, Biying Xiao, Bingyi Yang, Benjamin Cowling, Richard Webby, Mark Zanin and Sook-San Wong. A hemagglutinin and
    neuraminidase biased immunological memory shapes the dynamics of antibody responses to Influenza A virus. Under revision.
  3. Bai, Y., Jones, J. C., Wong, S. S., & Zanin, M. (2021). Antivirals Targeting the Surface Glycoproteins of Influenza Virus: Mechanisms of Action and Resistance. Viruses, 13(4), 624. (IF: 5.818)
  4. Yang, F. M., Shen, L., Fan, D., Bai, Y., Li, B., & Lee, J. (2022). YAP9/A20 complex suppresses proinflammatory responses and provides novel anti-inflammatory therapeutic potentials. Frontiers in immunology, 13, 914381. (IF: 8.786)