Chung, Pui Hong

Clinical Associate Professor of Practice

Division of Community Medicine and Public Health Practice

  • MBBS(HK), DOM(CUHK), PDipID(HK), MPH(CUHK), FHKCCM, FHKAM (Community Medicine)
phone 3910 2083

Dr Chung was a King Edward VII scholar graduated from The University of Hong Kong. His training started from Paediatrics and later became a specialist in Community Medicine, with two gold medals awarded for the “Prize for Best Original Research by Trainees (BORT)” of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. He is an experienced trainer and examiner for the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine and the UK Faculty of Public Health.

One of his main focuses is in the infectious disease area. He had hands-on experiences from the Hong Kong Department of Health and the World Health Organization in Geneva. He seated the first cohort of the Field Epidemiology Training Programme in Hong Kong and the planning team for drills related to outbreaks and the Public Health Information System.  

Before returning to HKU, he served in another University and was elected as the Teacher of the Year Award (Public Health) in the year 2020 and 2021.

Selected Publications
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