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Dr Kong graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in communication studies in 2021 and will continue engaging in projects about health-related issues such as vaccination hesitancy, mental help-seeking, tobacco use, cancer screening, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) adoption. She has majored in communication studies since she was an undergraduate and her research interests range from health communication, social media studies, persuasion as well as information processing. She has published several papers in top journals and six of her papers got accepted by the International Communication Association (ICA). She was also a team member in one of the National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Projects of PRC.

Additionally, Dr Kong has worked in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tencent where she gained first-hand experience on social marketing, social media management, and other practical skills. Dr Kong is now working on the programme “AI-Enhanced Global and Personal Health Protection” (Programme 1) at the Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health.

Selected Publications
  1. Wang, X., Shi, J., & Kong, H. (2020). Online health information seeking: A review and meta-analysis. Health Communication, 1–13. Advance online publication.
  2. Shi, J., Kim, K., Su, Y., & Kong, H. (2020). Mental health condition in young Asian adults and motivation to seek counselling: A cross-country study. Asian Pacific Journal of Public Health, 32(6).
  3. Chu, T., Su, Y., Kong, H., Wang, X., & Shi, J. (2019). Online social support for Chinese domestic violence victims: Manual and automatic content analyses. Violence Against Women. Advance online publication.