Lau, Yiu Chung Daniel

Post-doctoral Fellow

Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

  • BSc(HKU), PhD(HKU)
phone 3910 3853

Dr Yiu-chung Lau obtained his BSc (Statistics) and PhD (Public Health) from the University of Hong Kong. His research primarily centres on the application of mathematical and statistical models to investigate the epidemiology and transmission dynamics of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, seasonal influenza, RSV and HFMD. He also evaluates the effectiveness and implications arising from the implementation of Public Health and Social Measures (PHSMs) on the infectious disease transmission.

Selected Publications
  1. Chen D, Lau YC, Xu XK, Wang L, Du Z, Tsang TK, Wu P, Lau EHY, Wallinga J, Cowling BJ, Ali ST. Inferring time-varying generation time, serial interval, and incubation period distributions for COVID- 19. Nat Commun. 2022 Dec 13;13(1):7727.
    [IF: 17.694, Ranked 3/120 under “Multidisciplinary - Multidisciplinary”, co-first author]
  2. AliST,LauYC,ShanS,RyuS,DuZ,WangL,XuXK,ChenD,XiongJ,TaeJ,TsangTK,WuP,Lau EHY, Cowling BJ. Prediction of upcoming global infection burden of influenza seasons after relaxation of public health and social measures during the COVID-19 pandemic: a modelling study. Lancet Glob Health. 2022 Nov;10(11):e1612-e1622.
    [IF: 38.927, Ranked 5/826 under “Medicine - General Medicine”, co-first author]
  3. Lau YC, Tsang TK, Kennedy-Shaffer L, Kahn R, Lau EHY, Chen D, Wong JY, Ali ST, Wu P, Cowling BJ. Joint Estimation of Generation Time and Incubation Period for Coronavirus Disease 2019. J Infect Dis. 2021 Nov 22;224(10):1664-1671.
    [IF: 7.759, Ranked 31/295 under “Medicine - Infectious Diseases”, first author]
  4. Lau YC, Perera RAPM, Fang VJ, Luk LH, Chu DKW, Wu P, Barr IG, Peiris JSM, Cowling BJ. Variation by lineage in serum antibody responses to influenza B virus infections. PLoS One. 2020 Nov 9;15(11):e0241693.
    [IF: 3.752, Ranked 15/120 under “Multidisciplinary - Multidisciplinary”, first author]
  5. Yang J, Lau YC, Wu P, Feng L, Wang X, Chen T, Ali ST, Peng Z, Fang VJ, Zhang J, He Y, Lau EHY, Qin Y, Yang J, Zheng J, Jiang H, Yu H, Cowling BJ. Variation in Influenza B Virus Epidemiology by Lineage, China. Emerg Infect Dis. 2018 Aug;24(8):1536-1540.
    [IF: 16.126, Ranked 10/108 under “Medicine - Epidemiology”, co-first author]