Leung, Man Chi Candi

Post-doctoral Fellow

Division of Community Medicine and Public Health Practice

  • BSocSc, MPhil, PhD

Dr Leung obtained her PhD degree in Population Mental Health and her MPhil degree in Clinical Psychology from The University of Hong Kong. Prior to her doctoral training. Dr Leung had over 10 years of research experience pertaining to mental health. She has led a number of large-scale psychiatric epidemiological studies and clinical trial studies on multidisciplinary interventions.

During her doctoral studies, she has substantially contributed to several projects, including the real-time monitoring of population mental health in Hong Kong during the 2019-20 social unrest and COVID-19 pandemic, a COVID-19 and mental health study in Wuhan during its cordon sanitaire, and the WHO World Mental Health Composite International Diagnostic Interview-5. Her primary research interests are anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress, suicidality, as well as the emerging and prevailing determinants of population mental health.
Selected Publications
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  5. Cheng S, Leung CMC, Chan KL, Chen PP, Chow YF, Chung JWY, Law ACB, Lee JSW, Leung EMF, Tam CWC. The relationship of self-efficacy to catastrophizing and depressive symptoms in community-dwelling older adults with chronic pain: a moderated mediation model. PLoS One 2018; 13: e0203964.
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