Zhu, Huachen Maria

Associate Professor

Division of Public Health Laboratory Sciences

  • B.S, PhD

Dr Huachen Zhu is a tenured Associate Professor at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and an Adjunct Professor at the Shantou University (STU). She serves as Associate Director of the Joint Institute of Virology (STU/HKU) and the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases (HKU-Shenzhen Branch). She is also the Co-director of Joint Laboratory for International Collaboration in Virology and Emerging Infectious Diseases, Ministry of Education, China.

Dr Zhu’s research field is focused on mechanisms that lead to the virus emergence at the human and animal interface. In the past few years, she has identified the zoonotic sources, transmission routes, evolutionary pathways and molecular basis leading to the genesis of multiple severe viral threats to human health. Her work was repeatedly accepted for publication in Nature and Science and ranked as Highly Cited Paper (n=8) or ESI Hot Paper (n=2).

Dr Zhu’s research has attracted funding from the NIH of the USA, the Wellcome Trust, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Shenzhen high-end talents program, The Top-tier University Scheme of Guangdong, and the Hong Kong government sources. She was awarded Promising Investigator Prize by the International Society for Influenza and other Respiratory Virus Diseases (ISIRV, 2013) and Grand Prize of the 2017 State Scientific and Technological Progress Award by State Council of the People's Republic of China. She received HKU Research Output Prize or Faculty Outstanding Research Output Award every year since 2011, and Outstanding Young Researcher Award of HKU in 2016. She is also one of the First Prize winners of the National Medical Science and Technology Award (CMA 2015) and the National Preventive Medicine Award (CPMA 2015).

Selected Publications
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