Little Dr. Flu - a Knowledge Exchange Programme for Primary School Students


Led by Dr Renee Chan, the School has developed a knowledge exchange (KE) programme in 2013 entitled 'Little Dr. Flu' with primary school students enrolling in P.4-P.6 as targeted participants. The objectives of the KE programme are (1) to arouse the awareness of influenza virus infection through obtaining a better understanding of Public Health, Etiological Agents, and Human Respiratory System; (2) to provide opportunity for primary students to visit a research laboratory; and (3) to stimulate children’s interest in science.

The KE Programme comprises the following components: (1) Little Dr. Flu Classroom, spanning (a) What is a virus? (b) Difference between bacteria and viruses? (c) Influenza virus transmission routes; and (d) Good hand hygiene; (2) Laboratory visits; (3) Culture of bacteria from unwashed and washed hands; (4) Light microscopy; and (5) Human respiratory tract anatomy and Chest X-ray film examination.