Global Health and Development Summer Programme 2020 - Walking through a global outbreak: A live simulation



Join us online at the School of Public Health for a very stimulating infectious disease outbreak simulation. You will join a country team and through a series of interactive simulations, learn some of the issues a country must tackle during an evolving global outbreak including the health, economic, social and environmental consequences. You will also have a chance to talk directly with experts from the School of Public Health and elsewhere who have been working on COVID-19 to better understand the considerations and decision making processes in these complex situation. Experts at the School of Public Health and beyond working on the COVID-19 Frontline.

You will also be able to learn more about the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development [BASc(GHD)] programme (JS6250). The first of its kind in Asia, this interdisciplinary programme will provide students with the knowledge and competencies to succeed within today’s rapidly evolving international and interdisciplinary environment and to contribute towards solving today’s most pressing GHD challenges.


August 20, 2020 – August 21, 2020 (Thursday and Friday)


14:00 – 17:00 HKT



Target Participants:

Currently S4 or S5 students

Programme Fee:

HKD2,500 (The programme will be switched to online teaching)


5% Early Bird Discount
Applicable for submission on or before July 15, 2020

5% Alumni/Staff Discount
Applicable to applicants whose parents/siblings is/are alumni/staff of HKU
(can be used in conjunction with Early Bird Discount)
(Please upload the HKU-related document during the application process, please clickherefor more information)

Application Deadline:

August 12, 2020

Online Application:


Programme Website:

Enquiries should be addressed to 3917 9921 or