Division of Health Economics, Policy and Management

Within the broad scope of health service research, the division aims to increase the understanding and optimize the application of health economics, and health care management research for healthcare policy and service improvements that have major population health impact locally and internationally.  The mixed medical economy that is Hong Kong enables health economics and policy research to be uniquely informative for both China and Western healthcare settings.

Our research group has a long history in the school.  Since the early 1990's the team has made substantial contributions to the understanding of the economic burden of tobacco related diseases and air pollution; the economic costs of smoking and other environmental risk factors and screening programmes (breast, colorectal and prostate cancers); evaluation of service provision, healthcare system equity and resource allocation; healthcare financing, and national health accounting (according to OECD/WHO/World Bank standards). In recent years, the group has focused on developing the tools for (such as Markov models and others methods for clinical decision analysis as well as mathematical modeling using artificial intelligence) and undertaking the evaluation of specific health service models including quality of care and healthcare accreditation, workload and team work within multidisciplinary teams, manpower planning and projection (including aspects of labour economics), cost effectiveness studies, assessing ‘value for money’ aspects of disease specific service delivery, waiting time, access to care, the public and private health care interface, computerization of health care, and determinants of ‘cross-border’ (China-Hong Kong) and internal migration (within China) health seeking behavior.