Division of Health Economics, Policy and Management

The Division of Health Economics, Policy and Management (HEPM) seeks to both train future practitioners and excel in research to improve population health outcomes locally, regionally, and globally. Our field encompasses a wide range of topics related to the financing and delivery of healthcare, the organisation and governance of health systems, and the evaluation of health policies and interventions. We apply economics, management and allied social sciences to public health.

The division has made substantial contributions to assessing of the economic burden of tobacco related diseases, air pollution and other environmental risk factors; evaluating public health programmes (cancer screening for breast, colorectal and prostate cancers); and improving resource allocation and healthcare services. 

The unique historical development of Hong Kong places it at a key strategic geopolitical location for health economics, policy, and management research with East Asian and Western influences. Our research not only addresses local health issues but also extends to global health challenges. By collaborating with global partners, we aim to contribute to the collective effort of improving health outcomes and advancing health equity worldwide.

We invite you to explore our research projects, publications, and collaborations. Whether you are a fellow researcher, policymaker, healthcare professional, or simply interested in the field, we hope that our work inspires and provides valuable insights into the fascinating intersection of health economics, policy, and management. 

We look forward to sharing our research findings and contributing to the advancement of health systems and services for the betterment of society. With a focus on evidence-based decision-making, our dedicated team of researchers strive to generate insights that can inform policy development, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery, and promote equitable access to quality healthcare services. 

Key Staff